I’ve never written a testimonial before or even a review for that matter. I’ve always looked at these sort of things with a certain amount of skepticism, however after working with Andy and Nicole I knew we had to do something to get the word out. Deciding to work with Roc Building Solutions was the best decision my wife and I made in the whole building process.

After meeting with about six different builders, my wife and I decided to build with Roc. From the very first time we met Andy and Nicole, my wife and I felt very comfortable with them. They were very down to earth and easy to talk to. Andy and Nicole weren’t strictly worried about building another house; they wanted to get to know who was going to live inside that home. Andy and Nicole got to know my wife, my son, and myself as people and a family. They not only built us our dream house but it’s a home that was molded to fit our lifestyle and interests.

We were kept up to date and informed through the entire building process. Andy broke down every expense, where it was going, and how it was being used. My wife and I knew who was going to be on the property, when they were going to be there, and what they were going to be working on. Nicole always took the time to help my wife and I make all the decisions that come along with building a house. Nicole was patient, kind, and passionate about being sure all the finishing’s in our house were practical and what we would truly want. Early in the process I had to leave for a military deployment and my wife was left alone to see our building process through. Knowing I had Andy and Nicole there to help my wife through the process put my mind at ease.

Andy and Nicole are hard working, honest, family people, who truly care about their customers. When our basement was first dug out Andy noticed there was a lot of ground water sitting on the bottom. Rather than just ignoring the water Andy took extra steps to ensure our house would drain water properly so we would never have issues with our foundation. Andy didn’t have to do the extra work he did, but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. Choosing Andy and Nicole was by far the best decision my wife and I could have made. If you are looking for an honest builder who truly cares about their craft and the people they work, for then look no further. Roc is the builder you need to choose now! - Mike

We would recommend ROC Building Solutions to anyone who is building a house. The first thing that attracted us to Andy’s work is that each house in our neighborhood built by ROC has enough character to stand out on its own. So many houses these days can look cookie-cutter and we wanted something that was our own. We didn’t plan on building when first looking for a house but the process could not have been easier. Andy and Nicole were extremely organized and always quick with getting back to us about any of our questions. We didn’t always know exactly what we wanted and they were really helpful with showing us many possibilities. We love the style of our house and are exceedingly happy with the quality. I’ve always heard building a house can be really stressful, but it was fun and we felt confident in Andy’s suggestions since we have seen several of the houses he has built. We will definitely be using ROC in the future for any other building needs! -The Twists​

My wife and I stumbled across Andy and ROC Building solutions while touring homes at a Showcase of Homes event.  We were immediately drawn to Andy’s unique floor plans, distinctive exteriors and quality craftsmanship.  After meeting with quite a few builders my wife and I agreed Andy and ROC rated highest in terms of listening to OUR needs and being flexible enough to fulfill them all with an eye keenly focus on staying within budget.  From the day the initial prints were reviewed to the day we received our keys Andy and ROC were open and flexible to the fluid process of building a home.  Not once was there a shake-of-the-head or depressing sigh of frustration when a change was made or a concern brought to light.  The answer was always, we’ll get it done.  If you’re looking to build a cookie-cutter floor plan, don’t call ROC… If you’re looking to build a home with an exterior resembling most other new homes being built today, don’t call ROC…  If you’re looking for a home builder set in his ways with zero flexibility, don’t call ROC…  If you’re looking to build a home stocked with unique features and style that reflect your individual personality we suggest you give Andy a call at ROC Building Solutions.  If you’re looking for a builder that works for you and with you we suggest you give Andy a call at ROC Building Solutions.  Andy and ROC built us the home he promised, within time frame quoted all within budget.  We simply could not ask for anything more. If you’re looking to build a new home we suggest you call Andy at ROC Building Solutions.

The Phipps Family

We could not be happier with the home that ROC Building Solutions built for us. Not only has the finished product exceeded our expectations in terms of quality and uniqueness, but Andy was able to make the entire building process as stress-free as possible. His ability to work our requested features into a plan that was both functional and affordable has allowed our house to become a reality over a short period of time. Throughout the building process, Andy was always available to answer questions and recommend selections to make the house become something we are truly proud to call our home. In addition, Andy is very talented when it comes to adding unique, detailed features to a home that help set it apart from other houses that are being built today. We would highly recommend ROC Building Solutions to anyone looking to build a new home. - Dan

We would highly recommend Andy and ROC Building Solutions to anyone considering a new construction or remodel. When we decided to build a house we were planning to use a different builder who had built several homes in our family; but, after taking a recommendation from a friend, we decided to meet with Andy to hear some of his ideas and to get a second bid. After that initial meeting, and after seeing some of Andy’s work, we quickly realized that he was the perfect person to build our house.

Andy has been exceptional to work with. People told us about how stressful it is to build a house but, we have found the experience to be quite the opposite.  Andy has made the entire process fun, creative, and relaxed. He has great attention to detail, is conscientious and trustworthy, and we felt completely comfortable with Andy during every step of the planning and building process. He helped us create a design and layout that works for our lifestyle and he added so many details that made the space not only functional, but also unique, creative, and stylish. He listened to our wants and needs for our home,
and he went above and beyond to make sure that they were met. Andy has truly made our house into our home. - Layne 


  Thank you again for the wonderful job on our basement. We just love it and plan on referring all of our friends to you     
  should they need anything! - A & B