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Andy Selner

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Imagination. Passion. Practicality.
We get it. When you think about building or updating a living space, you want to be excited to come home. Houses are more than bricks and timber, they are places where relationships blossom and memories are made. 

While it's fun to imagine, there is a practical element to each room in your home. Space. Budget. Function.

How can we marry imagination with practicality without losing passion? We sit down to first establish your key objectives: space needs, budget, location, style. Next we brainstorm options so you can decide what is best for you and your family. Plans are created and tweaked and timelines established. We work with you and watch the image in your mind take physical shape.

We take our experience, outside the box thinking and creativity and infuse it into your project. Most people that we work with are not looking for plain box homes, but something with character. We specialize in finding those aspects to set your home apart...and we do this all while trying to exhibit our good character of integrity and trustworthiness. ​  


Roc was formed out of an excitement for building and renovating spaces. We are passionate about creating homes with character that have strong foundations. In fact, having solid foundations in both the homes and in life is what inspired our company name: Roc (pronounced "rock").


Who we are: Andy has been in the building industry for over 15 years and has experience managing projects ranging from a small room remodel to over a million dollar homes/condo projects. He is described as easy to work with, genuine, hard working, creative and ethical. He has high standards that he brings to every project. Nicole joined Roc in 2015 bringing a background of marketing, project management, event coordination to the table along with a passion for design of stylish and functional spaces. Together we have two young children that keep us busy and humble.


We are joined by many hard working, high-quality partner contractors who have a vested interest in building you a phenomenal place that you are excited to call "home."